The Crew

A key factor in making your experience at sea unforgettable for you and your family/friends lies in having a professional, friendly and efficient team at your service, to carefully attend to all of your needs on board. While at the same time taking care of navigation with the utmost technical rigor, ensuring the well-being and safety of their guests at all times.

The seaman’s roll requires a love of the sea, technical training, absolute dedication… and total calm.

With this in mind, we have selected our crew, a team that offers an excellent balance between experience and youth, enhanced by a common commitment to their work and a passion for sailing the Nehesi Uno.


Firstly, we present to you an “old school” sailor, one who learned to tie sailor’s knots before the popularisation of GPS.

Martín has in his wake thousands of miles of experience sailing in different seas and no less than sixteen years on board the Nehesi, of which he has intimate knowledge and takes care of with great pride. It can truly be said that he is at one with his boat.

He will navigate you safely and with good humour around the most remote anchorages of Ibiza and Formentera. Martín knows the most exclusive corners of Ibiza and the best restaurants on Formentera. Passionate about his profession, his motto is “The most relaxing moment of the day begins as soon as we cast off.”

Languages: english, spanish, french and italian .


She represents the new generation of sailors, capable of configuring Bluetooth while sailing the seas. With experience in charters, he has earned his place in the nautical industry thanks to his efficiency, dynamism and charisma.

Sandra, a meticulous sailor and possessed of great spatial memory, will not only tell you where the cell phones, chargers and creams are, but she will probably also remember where she left your keys when boarding!

In addition to being an expert sailor, Sandra is an expert in human relations. She is empathetic and calm, attuned to working with children and caring for the elderly, with whom she is especially attentive.

But Sandra’s magic doesn’t end there. Her absolute mastery of alchemy is not to be missed! She has a perfect knowledge of the secrets of the traditional recipe for sangria, essential to combat the summer heat. We invite you to check this out on board Nehesi Uno.

Languages: english and spanish